Seller Onboarding

A Seller’s Introduction to the marketplace

Congratulations for signing up as a seller on

You’re just a few steps away from selling your designs online, making passive income, and connecting with clients from all over the world.

Setting up a store

When you sign up as a Seller, you also get the option to create a public profile to display all the products you upload. This is your personal store. You can share the direct link of your store to encourage more sales.

When you set up your profile, you can upload an avatar or a logo as your user icon and add some basic information.

Users browsing assets for sale will then easily be able to see all the items you’ve created at a glance so they can buy from you again if they like your design style.

What type of products can I list in the marketplace? is a marketplace for web designers, UI developers and creatives. You can upload any kind of digital front-end UI/UX content including:

There’s no exclusivity agreement when you sign up on – you’re welcome to list your work in other marketplaces too.

Who are the buyers?

Customers shopping the marketplace include web developers, agencies, app developers, brands, and any individual looking for original, professional design elements for use with UI and UX applications.

Web and app developers are often very skilled at coding, but often don’t have the design skills to create a professional-looking final product. Instead of hiring a freelance designer, they can purchase the assets they need from the marketplace.

You might later see your work on a big industry website, being distributed as a WordPress theme (if your license allows this), or in a popular app for Android or iPhone.

Listing your work on gives you a global platform to reach clients and makes your work more visible than selling from your website alone would. If marketing isn’t your strong suit, leave it up to us so you can concentrate on creating amazing designs.

How should I price my items?

There are no restrictions on pricing in the marketplace so you can set your own price based on what you think your work is worth – only you know how much time you’ve put in and the value of your own skills.

It’s helpful to look at similar items in the marketplace to get a better idea of what different types of items sell for. Remember – creating good quality work that’s worth the price the buyer pays will keep everyone happy.

You’re also welcome to set your price to zero and share your work for free. This can help to promote your business – feel free to share a link back to your website in your product page. takes only 12.5% from each transaction and the rest is yours to keep. Payments will stay in your account until you request payout via PayPal.

Legal requirements

You must own the copyright of any item you sell on This means, everything you sell must be original content created by you. If you use any assets in your designs that were not created by you, they must be under a license that allows you to use them commercially and resell them.

If you’re found to be selling work that violates copyright, your account will be locked and any funds will be frozen.

You can create your own license terms for anything you sell on All free products are distributed under the MIT Open Source license and can be used for personal or commercial projects with no attribution required.