A Platform for Creatives
to Publish and Sell Their Work - and Earn an Income

Daiquiri.io is a place for independent web creatives to connect with customers. User Interface and User Experience Designers, Frontend Developers, and Website Developers and Designers can register with us and advertise their UI/UX and design-related work. With Daiquiri.io, you are visible to consumers and professionals all over the world. 

And, since we apply low per-transaction fees, you get the benefit of our marketing services while receiving the most from your time and skills. 

Earn With Us

We are a digital platform for anything related to UI and UX, from HTML and CSS templates, to mockups, UI kits and more. 

Register with Daiquiri.io, publish your latest designs, and make an income from your talent. Take advantage of our marketing services and be seen by a huge pool of buyers. Witness your work become someone else’s business brand. Show the world what you can do! 

Think of Daiquiri.io as a central hub where you can market your design work. At the same time, your customers can easily locate your products and services. 

We’ve designed Daiquiri.io to enable independent UI and UX Designers to be in control of their own business. We’re passionate about getting your work seen, about you receiving fair remuneration, and about making business simple and accessible – so you free up your time to concentrate on what you're good at.

A Central Hub for Locating Quality Design Content

All items advertised on our site are subject to checks to ensure quality and compliance with our coding guidelines. Customers and professionals that purchase from Daiquiri.io can feel confident they are getting work of the highest caliber. 

Learn, share and connect with a community of like-minded creators and enjoy unparalleled success on your next project.

Who We Are

We are a team of talented Web Designers. Since we deal with the visual part of websites everyday, we understand the creative genius, design process and execution that goes into delivering outstanding online products. We know what’s behind those awesome themes, humorous animations, exotic color schemes, clean designs, responsive templates, clever widgets and cool snippets. They might be taken for granted by most internet users, but not by us. 

We realize that everyone has their own style and skill-set when it comes to coding and designing. Allow us to showcase your unique abilities in our online marketplace.